Digital Marketing

Retention & engagement strategies for your market place to power increased conversion. Our experts will help you implement a hyper-local engagement & retention strategy for your daily essential. From flawless integration and priority support to targeted cross-channel campaigns, Team-Skyfy will aid you in taking your lifecycle marketing campaigns to the next level.

From now, it will never be easier to get higher control in your brand and Marketing communication.

What are you waiting for?

Establish an update layer for future new tech applications for making life of your business more streamlined and introduce new quality of customer experience. Digitising your data helps you to run your business more successfully.

Marketing is more important than ever today, especially in the digital sales arena. Brand management is an important element, not only to be able to sell successfully but also because customers want to know more about the brand and the products.

There are so many options and strategies for digital marketing! Once you allocate a certain budget and get going, you will have a lot of choice, which on the one hand is overwhelming, but at the same time can be extremely confusing and misleading.

This is exactly where your new success partner Team-Skyfy comes in: competent and comprehensive advice on all aspects of "Digital Marketing" will help you find your way through this jungle, so that you can concentrate on the essentials, namely your business INNOVATIONS!

Let our marketing experts take on this burden for you. We'll help you optimize your digital marketing as a whole and lift your business to the skies and beyond!

We are prepared to give you the boost you need and waiting to act, just a click away from you. Don't hesitate and enter the world of success with us, with Team-Skyfy!

all in one

All-in-One Solution

Our all-in-one solution comes with much stronger engagement tools, 1:1 customer personalization, campaign orchestration, and behavioural analytics. Get everything you need to retain users across mobile and web.


Advanced Segmentation

Our AI-powered segmentation helps you identify users at various lifecycle stages. Effectively engage with them based on intent, past behaviour, and more.


Deep Analytics

Get actionable analytics using cohorts, compare segments, measure real impact, plus flows, pivots and more. Our customers have reduced uninstalls by 30% and improved retention by 5x.


Truly Omni-Channel

We support more than 1 communication channels including push, WhatsApp, SMS, in-app, and email with rich media support. Send highly contextual and coordinated messages across all these channels to increase app engagement.